Independence Day Fundraiser for Responsible Stewardship Publications

🗽 Independence Day Fundraiser, July 3, 2015. Beit Shalom Balevav raised funds for the operational costs of the Responsible Stewardship booth at the Clark County Fair this summer. The campaign is really evangelism which aims to reach thousands of people with the gospel through stewardship and sustainable living. With 12 people working very hard for six hours, we made 120 All-American, home-made apple pies at Bubb’s commercial kitchen in Vancouver.

Sasha come and transported all the pies in the back of his truck to the synagogue were they were kept overnight. Then, the day before the 4th of July, at two busy fireworks stands in Vancouver, we were able to sell all our pies. One location was TNT on NE 13th St, in between Hwy 99 and I-5. Seven people worked this location for six hours, and most the pies sold here. The other location was Bomber Brothers, on the northwest corner of Hwy 99 and NE 78th Street in Vancouver. Four people worked this location for four hours. Although it was very hot (nearly 100 degrees F), we were successful thanks to the LORD. We learned two things. First, you should never go out shopping when you are hungry. Hunger is like a rudder. Although small, it drives the entire ship to its course. Are you hungry for God? Second, people wanted to buy a pie when they were given an opportunity to taste it first. Nobody will know how good something is unless they take a moment to taste it first. Serving others it to allow other people to taste the LORD’s goodness.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusts in Him.” -Psalm 34:8

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