Jesus, Yeshua, Yehoshua

Much discussion has arisen about what name should be used among Christians to refer to Jesus. Is the name ‘Jesus’ incorrect as some assert?

Followers of the Sacred Name assert that Jesus’ name must be pronounced YAHOSHUA. This grammatical structure does not exist in Hebrew.

In Hebrew, the pronunciation of Jesus would be YESHUA as Hebrew does not contain a hard ‘J’ sound. While it may be used as a proper name, it is also a regular noun, which means salvation.

The Greeks pronounced YESHUA as YESUS (spelled Iesus). The reason for this is simple. The Greek language doesn’t use the sh sound. Whenever the Greeks encountered the letter shin, they replaced it with their letter sigma.

Phonetic problems such as this always occur between languages. For example, the Korean language doesn’t have the r sound. Hawaiian lacks a number of consonant sounds present in English.

When Iesus was brought into Spanish it took the spelling Jesus with the pronunciation hay-soos. In English, it became Jesus. When names are transliterated, these changes always occur. John, Juan, Ion, Evan, Gino, Jean, Johann are all ethnic variations of the Hebrew Jochanan.

The apostles understood the differences between Hebrew and Greek phonology and had no problem with Luke writing the name Jesus in his Gospel and the book of Acts. Let us take our cue from the apostles.





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