Jewish Topics

Who is Israel? Did Christianity replace Judaism? Are festivals relevant for Christians? There is much discussion today on these Jewish topics. The following printable PDFs explore these topics within the context of the Jewish and Christian sacred texts.

Israel—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This booklet covers Israel’s identity from the Bible’s perspective.

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Israel and the Church

This booklet covers the topic of early Christianity and its significance for Seventh-day Adventist theology. It discusses whether replacement theology is Biblical and whether the restoration of a Jewish homeland is the fulfillment of prophecy.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

This brief tri-fold covers questions we are often asked about Jewish topics.

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Sacred Assemblies – Festivals

The Assemblies of the Lord have generated much interest in recent years. Are they essential for salvation? Or are they teaching tools designed to enhance your experience of the gift given to you by God? This booklet covers the blessing found in the ‘moadim.’

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