Recommended Reading – Live Your Festive Heritage

There is a book I would recommend if you want to discover more about the Levitical Festivals. “Live Your Festive Heritage – A Jewish Holiday Handbook for the Christian” by J.M. Betham-Lang. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Christianity is a child of Judaism. If you are a Christian, you have Jewish roots. Christians follow Jewish texts, and not just the Older Testament; even the Newer Testament is technically Jewish literature. Many Christians follow Jewish ethical models—the most famous being the Ten Commandments given through Moses, and they also follow the writings of a Jewish rabbi commonly known as Paul. Most importantly, Christians follow a Jewish Messiah.

An accurate understanding of Christianity, therefore, relies upon one’s understanding of the Jewish culture and the Semitic theology of the Church’s foundations. This includes, to a very great extent, the holidays and feasts of the Bible. Often ignored in Christian circles, these holidays are unwrapped gifts free for the taking. They compliment and enhance the Christian interpretation and understanding of the world’s Redeemer.

These holidays map out the divine plan of salvation, redemption, and God’s relationship with His people. A Christian cannot afford to miss out on the beautiful and timeless lessons designed for our benefit by the very hand of God.

Theses Jewish holidays are, in and of themselves, a treasure trove of meaning, rich with lessons and full of symbolism that can provide invaluable insight and exciting new paths in the spiritual walk of a Christian.

Dr. Jacques Doukhan highly recommended the book at the Jewish Ministry Council and having read it, I agree whole-heartedly with his assessment.

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