Parashat Emor – Could Perfection be Demanded of Us Today?

Whenever I’m studying to prepare a parsha, I always ask myself two questions. What does this teach me about God’s plan for saving  His lost and damaged creation? And what does this mean for my life today?

As I was preparing the PowerPoint for Parashat Emor (Leviticus 21:1 – 24: 23), several points really struck me.

First, the priest and the animal were closely linked. The same features that would disqualify a priest from service, disqualified an offering. This reflects a number of points which are presented in the PowerPoint. 

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The priest had to be perfect before he could approach the presence of God. We are all disqualified from approaching the presence of God for each of us has been maimed in some way by sin. We all struggle with some aspect of self-love.

It is a comfort to me that God solved this problem. As Rabbi Shaul (Paul) states, “Let us come boldly before the throne of grace.” Why can we do this? Because Yeshua (Jesus) was a perfect sacrifice and now acts as a perfect high priest. As we identify with His work in the Heavenly sanctuary, we let Him reveal all our defects so He can heal us.

As Rabbi Shaul puts it, “pressing on to the mark of the high calling of life in Christ Jesus.” That’s the perfection God’s asking of His kingdom of priests. He wants us to press on to a clear reflection of the character of a loving Father who delivered His son up for us all.

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