Reasons Jews Do Not Believe Jesus was the Messiah-1

There are reasons why Jews do not believe that Yeshua was the hoped for Messiah. Let us look at a conversation recored in the Talmud.

“On one occasion when Rabbi Tarfon, Rabbi Yose the Galilean, and Rabbi Akiba were assembled in Lydda, the following question was taken up:

Which is more important, study or practice?

Rabbi Tarfon spoke up and said, “Practice.” Rabbi Akiba spoke up and said, “Study.” Whereupon they concluded:

Study is more important, for study leads to practice.

This is an important passage for us to understand. The easy answer is that we need to study the Bible, and by studying the Bible, we will utilize what we have learned in our daily lives. But I think the conclusion has much more to offer then just that simple statement.

It states that study leads to practice, yet in the reverse, it implies that just studying is not enough—much as James said when he stated, “Faith without works is dead.” By digging deeper, we look at the fact that two of the Rabbi’s stated an opinion, but that all four came to a conclusion that was more then either original statement.

Sometimes we become entrenched in what we have learned and are sure that we are correct. In fact we may be, however there may be more truth we need to understand. So this week as you study don’t be afraid to pose a question and then realize that there may be more then one correct answer. Study to understand the Word of God, ask questions and then learn from the answers.

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