Sabbath Preparation – Meaningless or Spiritual Experience?

Peace Starts Before Sundown.

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they find meaning in things they do.  I grew up understanding what Sabbath meant but never truly understood why you should be so concerned about preparing the rest of the week for it.  The older I have gotten, the more I understand and enjoy preparing throughout the week.

I count the days to my day of rest where I can enjoy worshiping God and without having to worry about the daily tasks.  In the past, I haven’t worried about making sure my house was spotless, but as I have studied, I have found that not only preparing myself but things around me helps me enjoy the Sabbath even more.

I love to sing the song Shalom Alechem on Sabbath evening, contemplating how the ministering angels bringing Sabbath peace.

There is a story about a family that is coming home from Kaballat Shabbot service.  Two angels are discussing who is going to control the Sabbath, an angel of light or an angel of darkness.  They go home with the family and wait to see if the house is ready as well as the people.  If the house is ready, the Sabbath meal is prepared and the house clean, peace will reign over the family’s Sabbath. If not the angel of darkness gets them for that Sabbath.  I thought how much peace can that family get with an angel of darkness hanging around.

As I have contemplated that song and story, I have realized how much more peaceful my Sabbath rest is with a clean house, food prepared in the refrigerator and the clutter of that week’s life put away.

As you go into this Sabbath think about what peace means to you and how you can clean the week’s clutter up and prepare for your most peaceful Sabbath yet.  Shalom Alechem.

Please refer to the following link for words and music to the song “Shalom Alechem”.

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