The Book of Books Throughout the Ages

Many texts claim great antiquity. What differentiates the Bible from them? What has inspired the preservation of this collection of books in so many languages?

Experience a unique journey through the history of the Biblical texts as our tour guides bring The Book of Books Throughout the Ages exhibit to life. Our docents will share how the key manuscripts in the exhibit gave us the Bible we have today. Discover how the Bible was transmitted from antiquity to the present.

Different Topics Nightly

There will be an English and a Russian session each night.

Tours of Exhibit @ 7:00 pm
Lecture @ 8:00 pm

Lecture @ 7:00 pm
Tours of Exhibit @ 8:00 pm

June 11: How ancient is the Biblical text we have today?
The key role the Israeli state played after the discoveries in the Judean desert

June 12: Can we trust the Bible we are reading today?
Who the Masoretes were and how they worked

June 13: What was the worst day in the history of Israel?
The implications of translating the Hebrew scriptures into Greek

June 14: What was the language of Adam and Eve?
The Aramaic language and the Aramaic Bible

June 15: Is there a Hebrew text of the New Testament?
The language of the New Testament and its significance

June 17: Can the Bible be translated?
The unique role Jewish scholars played in the Christian reformation

June 18: Which translation of the Bible is the most accurate?
The English Bible from King James to the present

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