The Gospel Through the Eyes of a Jew – Jewish Seminar

The Gospel Throught the Eyes of a Jew

What is the Gospel?

Is the view of the Gospel different from a Jewish perspective?

The common definition of the gospel is an account describing the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The most widely know examples are the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Every writer of the ‘New Testament’ or ‘Christian Bible’ was a Jew, except Luke. So are they really Christian books, or are they truly meant for persons of Jewish descent? Can the gospels really be fully understood without an understanding of Jewish culture?

Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov explores these questions in 17 seminars.

Seminar Sessions Available Soon in DVD.

Seminar 1
The Hidden Connection Between the Manger and the Temple
Did the Jews mistreat Mary and Jesus, or were there really no rooms at the inn?

Seminar 2
The Jewish Nativity Story
Was the star of Bethlehem from a
Christmas fairy tale or a Jewish

Seminar 3
Wine in Cana?
What happened in Cana? Did people
drink wine or something else?

Seminar 4
Was Jesus a Terrorist?
Did Jesus commit a terrorist act
when he destroyed the tables
of the money changers?

Seminar 5
Hidden Meaning in a Common Text
Is it really necessary to become a Christian?

Seminar 6
Samaritan Theology
Is there only ONE way to be saved?

Seminar 7
Rabbis and the Holy Spirit
Do the Jews believe in God and the Holy Spirit or just one God?

Seminar 8
Who Was the Real Mary Magdalene?
Did Mary Magdelene really have an affair with Jesus?

Seminar 9
Are the Gospels Really Anti-Semitic?
Did the disciples of Jesus really preach against Judaism?

Seminar 10
Did Jesus Celebrate Christmas?
Since Christmas did not exist before the birth of Jesus, what did he celebrate?

Seminar 11
Is Jesus the Founder of a New Religion?
Did Jesus contradict the Torah or do away with the Law?

Seminar 12
What is the Kingdom of Heaven?
What does scripture say about this “kingdom” and who really will see it?

Seminar 13
Legalism, Good or Bad?
Did Jesus differ in His understanding of the Law from that of the Pharisees?

Seminar 14
Was Jesus a Pharisee?
Were the Pharisees a sect that opposed Jesus or was He one of them?

Seminar 15
The Old Testament Festivals
If Jesus attended all of the festivals, did He make the required sacrifices?

Seminar 16
The Truth About Hell
Without the Talmud is it even possible to know what is said in the Gospels?

Bonus Sessions
Questions and Answers
Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov & David Cairns

Music and Testimony
Alex Schlussler